General API usage information

API user authentication

From 20.10.2022, user authentication was switched to the OAuth2.0 Client Credential Grant method, which generally simplifies API data retrieval and enables a machine-to-machine connection. Further specifications on OAuth2.0 can be found at, for example.

API registration

To access the API endpoints, the first step is to go through the API registration process in order to receive personalized access data for the extranet and thus the client administration. If you would like to register, please click on the link A step-by-step guide to the registration process can be found in the API documentation section (see below).

API Client Management

To access the API endpoints, you must create at least one client in a second step. This is possible via a login to the extranet. To do this, please click on "Extranet" in the footer of, log in and follow the instructions within the client administration (OAuth Manager). In the course of this you will receive an individual "Client_ID" and an individual "Client_Secret" for each client. Please save your "Client_Secret" separately, as it will only be displayed once. You can find step-by-step instructions for client management in the API documentation section (see below).

API data retrieval

As a third step, you need at least the following information to access the API endpoints:

Registered API users can also use the Swagger environment to test the available API endpoints for a created client ( The Swagger environment primarily serves as additional interface documentation for the API endpoints. A step-by-step guide to using the Swagger environment can be found in the API documentation section (see below).

Wind projectionhochrechnungSolar
Solar projectionhochrechnungWind
Online projection wind onshoreOnlineHochrechnungWindonshore
Online projection wind offshoreOnlineHochrechnungWindoffshore
Online projection solarOnlineHochrechnungSolar
Difference in feed-in forecastvermarktungDifferenzEinspeiseprognose
Utilization of balancing energyvermarktungInanspruchnahmeAusgleichsenergie
Marketing of intraday electricity volumesvermarktungUntertaegigeStrommengen
Marketing EPEXvermarktungVermarktungEpex
Marketing EXAAvermarktungVermarktungExaa
Marketing SolarvermarktungVermarktungsSolar
Marketing WindvermarktungVermarktungsWind
Marketing OthervermarktungVermarktungsSonstige
Negative prices 1hNegativePreise1
Negative prices 3hNegativePreise3
Negative prices 4hNegativePreise4
Negative prices 6hNegativePreise6
Annual market valuesJahresmarktpraemien/e
Monthly market values (API requires specification of a query period)marktpraemien/e
GCC balance traffic light (API requires specification of a query period)TrafficLightn/e
Capacity reserveKapazitaetsreserven/e
Wind forecastprognoseWind
Solar forecastprognoseSolar
GCC balance operationalnrvsaldo/NRVSaldoBetrieblich
GCC balance quality-assurednrvsaldo/NRVSaldoQualitaetsgesichert
LFC Area balance operationalnrvsaldo/RZSaldoBetrieblich
LFC Area balance quality-assurednrvsaldo/RZSaldoQualitaetsgesichert
Activated aFRR operationalnrvsaldo/AktivierteSRLBetrieblich
Activated aFRR quality-assurednrvsaldo/AktivierteSRLQualitaetsgesichert
Activated mFRR operationalnrvsaldo/AktivierteMRLBetrieblich
Activated mFRR quality-assurednrvsaldo/AktivierteMRLQualitaetsgesichert
aFRR Optimization operationalnrvsaldo/SRLOptimierungBetrieblich
aFRR Optimization quality-assurednrvsaldo/SRLOptimierungQualitaetsgesichert
mFRR Optimization operationalnrvsaldo/MRLOptimierungBetrieblich
mFRR Optimization quality-assurednrvsaldo/MRLOptimierungQualitaetsgesichert
PRL (k * Delta f) operational.nrvsaldo/PRLBetrieblich
PRL (k * Delta f) quality-assurednrvsaldo/PRLQualitaetsgesichert
Difference operationalnrvsaldo/DifferenceBetrieblich
Difference quality- assurednrvsaldo/DifferenceQualitaetsgesichert
Additional measures operationalnrvsaldo/ZusatzmassnahmenBetrieblich
Additional measures quality-assurednrvsaldo/ZusatzmassnahmenQualitaetsgesichert
Emergency aid abroadnrvsaldo/NothilfeQualitaetsgesichert
reBAP deficitnrvsaldo/reBAPQualitaetsgesichert
reBAP surplusnrvsaldo/reBAPQualitaetsgesichert
AEP Module 1nrvsaldo/AEPModuleQualitaetsgesichert
AEP Module 2nrvsaldo/AEPModuleQualitaetsgesichert
AEP Module 3nrvsaldo/AEPModuleQualitaetsgesichert
Financial impact of AEP Module 1nrvsaldo/FinanzielleWirkungAEPModuleQualitaetsgesichert
Financial impact of AEP Module 2nrvsaldo/FinanzielleWirkungAEPModuleQualitaetsgesichert
Financial impact of AEP Module 3nrvsaldo/FinanzielleWirkungAEPModuleQualitaetsgesichert
AEP estimatornrvsaldo/AepSchaetzerBetrieblich
Volume-weighted day-ahead spot market priceSpotmarktpreisen/e
Index Balancing Energy Price (ID-AEP)IdAepn/e
Sheddable loads (SEAL) operationalnrvsaldo/AbschaltbareLastenBetrieblich
Sheddable loads (SEAL) quality-assurednrvsaldo/AbschaltbareLastenQualitaetsgesichert
Value of Avoided Activation (VoAA)nrvsaldo/VoAAQualitaetsgesichert

API documentation

To make it easier for you to use the API, you will find further documents here:

Link to the Web API documentation

Link to the JSON file

Link to the FAQs

Instructions for API registration

Instructions for client administration

Instructions for using the Swagger environment

Minimal Working Example (MWE) for Python

Minimal Working Example (MWE) for R

Minimal Working Example (MWE) for MATLAB

Note on our own behalf: The team does not provide any additional support for the programming of scripts.