Grid fees

In the liberalized energy market, grid operators are obliged to charge so-called grid fees for grid transmission. The revenue cap granted to the grid operator and the grid fees are determined by means of incentive regulation. The basis for this is the Incentive Regulation Ordinance (ARegV).

Determination of the grid fees

The four German transmission system operators (TSOs) with control area responsibility pursuant to Section 3 No. 10a EnWG (50Hertz, Amprion, TenneT and TransnetBW) provide grid users with non-discriminatory access to their grids and the entire electricity market.

The grid fees are used to cover the necessary costs for the needs-based expansion and secure operation of the transmission grid. They are made up of a performance price and a consumption price. The annual performance price is calculated for the annual peak load occurring within a year, while the energy price is used to charge for the electrical energy drawn from the grid. The grid fees depend on the grid level of the grid connection and the duration of use of the electricity consumption, i.e. the ratio of work to power. Grid fees are only charged for the withdrawal of electricity; no grid fees are charged for feeding electricity into the grid.

Introduction of uniform nationwide transmission grid fees

With the adoption of the Grid Fee Modernization Act (NEMoG) of 17.07.2017 (BGBI. | p. 2503) and the ordinance on the gradual introduction of uniform nationwide transmission grid fees of 25.04.2018, the four German transmission system operators were obliged to charge uniform grid fees for the extra-high voltage grid level and the extra-high voltage/high voltage transformer level from 2023.

The price sheet contains the standardized price components of the power and energy price of the transmission system operators and the common annual maximum load on which this price sheet is based. The company-specific price sheets can be viewed on the websites of the respective transmission system operators.

Final nationwide grid usage fees 2024 in accordance with Section 14a StromNEV

Duration of use< 2,500 h/a≥ 2,500 h/a

Annual price systemPower price [€/kW x year]Consumption price [ct/kWh]Power price [€/kW x year]Consumption price [ct/kWh]
Extra high voltage (EHV)25,766,45 158,981,12
Transformation (EHV/HV)37,865,19133,881,35

Monthly price systemPower price [€/kW x month]Consumption price [ct/kWh]

Extra high voltage (EHV)26,501,12

Transformation (EHV/HV)22,311,35

Annual peak load

voltage level
Annual peak load IN KW
Extra high voltage (EHV)39.569.512,51
Transformation (EHV/HV)34.825.387,78

The links to the price sheets of the German transmission system operators are listed below (in German):

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Preisblätter TenneT TSO GmbH

Preisblätter TransnetBW GmbH

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