Levy in accordance with Section 18 AbLaV for 2020

Providers of disposal capacity from disposable loads shall receive remuneration for the provision of the disposal capacity for the agreed period (capacity price) and for each call-off of the disposal capacity (energy price) if they have undertaken in agreements with transmission system operators to provide services that meet the requirements of this Ordinance.

Pursuant to Section 18 AbLaV, transmission system operators are obliged to offset their payments and expenses in accordance with this Ordinance by means of a financial settlement. The fees are offset in accordance with Sections 26, 28 and 30 of the German Combined Heat and Power Generation Act (KWKG), as amended. The levy specified below applies to the total final consumption per point of delivery.

The levy for disposable loads has been charged to end consumers since 01.01.2014. The levy for 2020 was calculated on the basis of the forecast costs for 2020 including the offsetting of a catch-up from the 2018 annual statement including interest. The cost basis was agreed with the regulatory authority (Federal Network Agency).

Summarizing the above data results in an AbLaV levy of 0.007 ct/kWh on non-privileged final consumption for 2020.

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Calculation of the levy for disposable loads (Section 18 AbLaV in conjunction with Sections 26, 28 and 30 KWKG) in 2020 on grid fees for electricity volumes of the total end consumer sales per point of purchase