Funded systems

Deduction amount for subsidized investments

Since 2022, the costs for marketing determined by the transmission system operators in accordance with statutory requirements have been deducted from anyone claiming feed-in remuneration for subsidized systems (Section 53 (2) EEG).

The transmission system operators determine the deduction amount for subsidized installations in accordance with the provisions of the Energy Financing Act (Annex 1 No. 9.3 EnFG). They must determine and publish the deduction amount by October 25 of a calendar year for the following year (Section 51 (1) EnFG).

Subsidized plants

The term "subsidized plants" refers to renewable energy plants that continue to be operated after the legally guaranteed EEG subsidy expires.

Further information on deductions can be found here:

2021 levy for wind turbines

Special provisions apply to onshore wind turbines that were being subsidized at the end of 2020: They are entitled to a levy on the feed-in tariff (amendment to Section 23b EEG 2021 of 27.07.2021).

This levy amounts to 0.25 to 1.00 ct/kWh on the monthly market value for onshore wind energy. System operators who meet the relevant statutory conditions can claim it (Section 23b (2) to (5) EEG 2021).

You can find more information on the 2021 levy for wind turbines here.