Capacity Allocation & Congestion Management

The CACM Regulation of July 24, 2015 prescribes pan-European rules for all grid operators, exchanges and market participants in the European electricity sector. The central element is the coordination and harmonization of capacity calculation and capacity allocation for the cross-border day-ahead and intraday markets with the aim of fully coupling the European electricity markets in the time range of day-ahead and intraday trading.

The regulation contains numerous obligations for the transmission system operators to create various methodologies and processes. The methodologies to be implemented by the five German TSOs at national level and as part of regional or Europe-wide initiatives are published on the website of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E).

All methodologies developed by the European transmission system operators under the CACM Regulation must be approved by the respective national regulatory authorities (in Germany this is the Federal Network Agency) or by the European regulatory authority ACER. These approvals are published on the two linked pages.