Balancing Capacity

The transmission system operators are obliged to keep the frequency of the electricity grid constant at 50 Hertz. For this reason, they balance out any differences between electricity generation and consumption in their control area with the help of "Balancing Capacity".

A distinction is made between three types of Balancing Capacity: Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR) and automatic and manual Frequency Restoration Reserve (aFRR, mFRR). The older terms primary control reserve (PRL), secondary control reserve (SRL) and minute reserve (MRL) are also used on the electricity market.

In this section "Balancing Capacity" you will find the data points for the GCC and LFC Area balance and the GCC balance traffic light as well as the IP data points relating to the reBAP. This section also contains the IP estimator and the Balancing Capacity data. An explanation of the published data points can be found on the respective pages as well as in the explanatory document (in German) for the Balancing Capacity publications.


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