Billing BDEW transitional solution

Uniform mixed price for billing the BDEW transitional solution

In accordance with the BDEW transitional solution for secured entry into Redispatch 2.0 as of October 1, the balance sheet compensation for Redispatch 2.0 measures in accordance with Section 13a (1a) EnWG is temporarily set at a flat rate of 0 MWh and existing claims in relation to energy volumes are financially compensated.

In accordance with the BDEW transitional solution, a uniform mixed price per quarter hour is to be used for the financial compensation, which reflects the amount of the financial claim of the BRP against the ANB. This is made up of 72.5% from the ID1 price index and 27.5% from the reBAP (quality-assured).

On this page, the German transmission system operators publish the uniform blended price for billing the BDEW transitional solution. One condition for the calculation of the blended price is the publication of the quality-assured reBAP, which generally takes place after the 20th working day of the following month. This is followed by the calculation and publication of the blended price. This is usually done monthly at the beginning of the following month. If the publication of the reBAP is postponed, the publication of the blended price will also be postponed.

The price is partly based on the ID1 price index, which may only be used for the settlement of redispatch measures in the context of this publication.

The mixed price is rounded to two decimal places.

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