Task of SG HoBA

Role description of HoBA

The four German transmission system operators (TSOs) are the main players in the EEG and KWKG load balancing as well as the Section 19 StromNEV levy, the offshore grid levy and the levy for interruptible loads.

The Steuerungsgruppe Horizontaler Belastungsausgleich (SG HoBA) is a working group of the four TSOs. Its task is to design the economic and organizational framework conditions in such a way that the load balancing under the EEG and the KWKG and the levies based on them (Section 19 StromNEV levy pursuant to Section 19 (2) StromNEV, offshore grid levy pursuant to Section 17f EnWG, interruptible loads pursuant to Section 18 (1) AbLaV) can be implemented efficiently. In addition, SG HoBA plays a leading role in determining the relevant levies and implementing the statutory publication obligations.

For horizontal load balancing, the control area-specific costs for the corresponding levy systems are determined and the total costs across Germany are divided between the TSOs according to a key to be determined. This ensures that all TSOs bear the same relative burden. In addition, the calculated costs are allocated to the total German final consumption at a uniform rate in ct/kWh, taking into account possible statutory privileges. This ensures the refinancing of the TSOs' statutory costs and a uniform distribution of costs. Otherwise, the asymmetrical distribution of costs within the control areas would result in different charges for end consumers throughout Germany.

In order to ensure uniform cost equalization, it is important that the four TSOs interpret and implement the laws and relevant ordinances as well as official requirements uniformly. In the SG HoBA, representatives of the TSOs deal with all questions regarding the interpretation and implementation of the legal requirements that arise during operational processing and coordinate their implementation. This also includes forming opinions vis-à-vis associations, authorities and ministries on fundamental issues relating to EEG/KWKG load balancing. In this way, SG HoBA ensures a uniform approach throughout Germany. The same applies to the unavoidable comparison and exchange of relevant data. The SG HoBA also coordinates the publication and transparency obligations of the relevant laws and ordinances.

The SG HoBA is accredited by the EEG Clearing House as an interest group in the register of affected parties (Annex A to the Rules of Procedure of the EEG Clearing House). In this way, the SG HoBA participates in the opinion-forming process of the EEG Clearing Agency for the uniform interpretation and application of the EEG.