Redispatch measures

Redispatch is a request to adjust the active power feed-in of power plants by the transmission system operator with the aim of avoiding or eliminating any bottlenecks that occur. This measure can be applied within and across control areas. By reducing the active power feed-in of one or more power plants while at the same time increasing the active power feed-in of one or more other power plants, the total active power feed-in remains virtually unchanged while at the same time relieving a bottleneck.

Below you will find the daily redispatch measures initiated by the four German transmission system operators that affect adjustments to power plants connected in Germany (mean values and maximum values refer to the respective daily shares).

Exchange transactions by German transmission system operators that are carried out as part of redispatch measures or cross-border countertrade measures will also be published from 01.05.2019. In the case of cross-border redispatch or countertrade measures with neighboring countries, only the part relating to power plants or exchange trading within Germany will be published. Cross-border trading transactions and power plant feed-in adjustments abroad are not published. In the case of voltage-related redispatch, balancing measures of the system balance can also be carried out via exchange transactions as defined, as there is no local reference for the countermeasure. In the case of targeted countermeasures, which may be necessary due to feed-in management, the adjustments to active power feed-in at power plants are published.

In order to establish and maintain operational readiness for necessary system security measures, regular test starts of domestic reserve power plants must be carried out for technical reasons. Where possible, these test starts are carried out as part of the necessary system security measures. If this is not feasible, the energy is marketed on the intraday market. Since 25.06.2020, these measures have been published under the category "test start".

Unbalanced RD measures with renewable energy plants of all TSOs are only included in this publication from 01.10.2023. The unbalanced RD measures from 01.10.2021 to 30.09.2023 are published on the respective TSO homepages. In addition, the measures are published on the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform (ETP) for all dates.

Requesting and instructing TSO

When implementing the publication, the TSOs applied the principle of the connecting TSO, which means that the TSO in whose control area the power plant is located is responsible for the publication.

This TSO has the power plant data to be published, as it instructs the power plants in its control area to participate in the redispatch measure. In this sense, the publication refers to the "instructing TSO", which publishes the information on grid regions and the reason for the measure on behalf of the requesting TSO.

In contrast, the "requesting TSO" refers to the TSO that has identified the grid-related reason for the redispatch measure (e.g. grid congestion) in its control area and actively requests a redispatch measure. This request is made directly to the power plants directly connected in its control area. For power plants in other control areas, the request is sent to the power plant's connecting TSO with a request for administrative assistance. The connecting TSO then acts as the instructing TSO vis-à-vis the power plant in its control area. This means that the instructing and requesting TSOs can be different in the case of a cross-control area redispatch. While there is always only one "instructing TSO" for a power plant, there can be several "requesting TSOs" if common lines (cross-border lines) are involved.


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