aFRR AT/DE cooperation

Germany and Austria cooperated on aFRR (automatic frequency restoration reserves, secondary balancing capacity) from July 2016 up to and including June 21, 2022 with the aim of establishing a joint balancing capacity market. This related to the call-off of aFRR and, with the delivery date of 01.02.2020, also to joint procurement.

Calls were made in accordance with a joint merit order list (MOL), which contained the bids of all partner transmission system operators. This led to reciprocal deliveries and purchases of positive and negative aFRR between Germany and Austria.

The data was available during the cooperation period of the internet platform and included the following data points:

  • The quantities netted with APG (Austria Power Grid AG) separately for imports and exports from the German perspective under "Pre-netting with APG"
  • The aFRR purchased by the cooperation, broken down into positive and negative values, under "SRL from aFRR cooperation".
  • The aFRR supplied for the cooperation, broken down into positive and negative values under "SRL for aFRR cooperation".
  • The price for pre-netting under "Pre-netting price" per quarter of an hour.

You can download the aFRR data here (in German):

aFRR AT-DE cooperation