EEG financing requirements 2023

There was a change in the law at the turn of 2023: Renewable energies are now no longer subsidized via the EEG levy, but from funds from the federal budget.

The financing requirements for this are determined annually in advance in accordance with the Energy Financing Act (EnFG). The financing covers the difference between the income and expenditure of the transmission system operators in accordance with Annex 1 of the EnFG.

In accordance with Section 5 EEV, the transmission system operators published the EEG financing requirements for 2023 on their websites by October 15, 2022.

The EEG financing requirement for 2023 amounts to EUR -3.637 billion.

The concept for the forecasting procedure and the basis for calculating the EEG financing requirement for 2023 can be downloaded here:

Downloads (in German)


Until 2022, the EEG levy financed the expansion of renewable energies; since 2023, funding has been provided via the federal budget. You can find out more about the respective financing requirements here.