EEG levy 2019

The EEG levy applied until 2022:

Electricity supply companies paid a levy to the transmission system operators for every kilowatt hour of electricity supplied to end consumers. It was used to cover the difference between the fixed prices for green electricity and the proceeds on the electricity exchange. This levy was added by the electricity suppliers to the electricity price paid by end consumers.

The procedure and implementation of the EEG levy are regulated by the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) §§ 60 and 61, the Regulation for Renewable Energy Sources (EEV) § 3 (3) and (4) and the Renewable Energy Sources Implementation Regulation (EEAV) § 6.

By October 15 of each year, the transmission system operators had to determine and publish the amount of the EEG levy for the following calendar year in accordance with Section 5 of the EEG.  

The EEG levy for 2019 is 6.405 ct/kWh.

Companies that fell under the "special equalization scheme" had a special status - the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) was able to limit the EEG levy for them on a pro rata basis (Sections 64 to 65b, 69b and 103 EEG). Companies with high electricity costs benefited from this exemption, as did companies that produce hydrogen electrochemically, railroads, transport companies with electric buses and shore power systems for seagoing vessels (Sections 63 et seq. EEG).

The concept for the forecasting procedure and the basis for calculating the 2019 EEG levy can be downloaded here:

Downloads (in German)