§ 18 Disposable loads (AbLaV) levy

AbLaV levy

The AbLaV levy was charged to end consumers as a levy on the grid fees until 2022.

In accordance with Section 18 of the "Ordinance on Agreements on Disposable Loads" (AbLaV), the German transmission system operators calculated the disposable load levy annually and published it by October 25 at the latest*.  

In accordance with Section 20 (2) AbLaV, most of the ordinance came into force on July 1, 2022 and will expire completely on December 31, 2023, meaning that the AbLaV levy had to be published and collected for the last time for 2022. The carryforwards from the 2021 and 2022 annual statements are to be submitted to the TSOs in accordance with the provisions of the ARegV, reducing the grid fee, as agreed with the Federal Network Agency.

The AbLaV gave the TSOs the opportunity to conduct a tender in which suppliers who could reliably reduce their consumption capacity by a certain amount at the request of the transmission system operators could participate. The costs of providing and disposing off the load were covered by the AbLaV levy.

* No levy was charged to end consumers for 2016 due to the amendment process of the AbLaV not being completed at the time the levy was calculated.

The following illustration shows the development of the disposable load levy in the years 2014 - 2022.

Further details, background information and calculations can be found in the sections AbLaV levy overview and Annual accounts for disposable loads.