Deduction amount 2022

Since 2022, the costs incurred by the transmission system operators and determined in accordance with statutory requirements for marketing have been deducted from anyone claiming feed-in remuneration for subsidized systems (Section 53 (2) EEG).

The transmission system operators determine the deduction amount for subsidized installations in accordance with the provisions of the Renewable Energy Sources Ordinance (§ 3a EEV in conjunction with § 3 EEV). They must determine and publish the deduction amount by October 15 of a calendar year for the following year (§ 5a EEV).

The deduction amount for subsidized installations for 2022 is 0.184 ct/kWh.

The deduction amount was determined in consultation with the Federal Network Agency, which monitors compliance with the EEV requirements on a statutory basis. The feed-in values from subsidized plants in 2022 required for the calculation were determined by an independent expert on behalf of the four transmission system operators.

The concept for the forecasting procedure and the basis for calculating the 2022 deduction amount can be downloaded below.

Downloads (in German)