Offshore grid levy 2023

Pursuant to Section 17f (5) EnWG, grid operators are entitled to charge end consumers the costs of compensation payments made and for the construction and operation of offshore connection lines as a levy on the grid charges ("offshore grid levy").

The calculation of the offshore grid levy is based on the one hand on the forecast rollable costs from compensation payments to operators of offshore wind farms and from cost components from the construction and operation of the offshore connection lines for 2023 as well as the forecast values for final consumption reported by the subordinate grid operators and the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA). On the other hand, the calculation of the levy also includes the catch-up amount resulting from the 2021 annual settlement (based on existing WP certificates).

A summary of the above data results in an offshore grid levy of 0.591 ct/kWh on non-privileged final consumption from 01.01.2023.

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Further information on the calculation of the offshore grid levy (ON levy) can be found in the attached set of slides.14.10.2022Calculation of the offshore grid levy (Section 17f EnWG) in 2023 as a levy on grid charges