Volker Gustedt

Contact Person 50Hertz
+49 (0) 30 5150 - 2878

Solveig Wright

Contact Person Amprion
+49 (0) 231 5849 - 14482

Ina-Isabelle Haffke

Contact Person TenneT TSO
+49 (0) 921 50740 - 4070

Claudia Halici

Contact Person TransnetBW
+49 (0) 151 5177-0492

Press releases

You can find news on all areas from technical innovations and current plans to the current legal situation in the transmission system operators' press releases.

How does the standardization of the European electricity market work, how are grid fees calculated and what is happening in terms of system security?

The four transmission system operators (TSOs) provide information on current topics and developments in joint press releases - you can use the selection filter to search for specific publication years and topics of particular interest to you.