FAQ EU Transparency Regulation

1. Origin of the data

Do only the transmission system operators (TSOs) generate the data displayed on the ENTSO Transparency Platform?

Many of the data specified in EU Regulation 543/2013 are not generated by the transmission system operators, but by other market participants such as producers or consumers (so-called primary owners). These are directly obliged by the regulation and are therefore themselves responsible for including any data deliveries. The question of whether or not one is obliged under the Regulation is also to be examined by the market participants themselves, not by the TSOs (see Art. 4, EU Regulation 543/2013).

2. Data Provider

Who transmits the data to the ENTSO-E transparency platform?

In order to transmit the data to the platform, the primary owner of the data can either use the respective connection transmission system operator or a third party (so-called data provider such as the EEX for various generation data in Germany). The latter then transmits the data bundled for several primary owners to the platform. This system was chosen in order to avoid an excessive number of direct connections to the European platform (see Art. 4, EU Regulation 543/2013).

3. Bidding zone and technical profile

The bidding zone CZ+DE+SK can be selected on the platform. In most cases, the data fields displayed are then marked with N/E. Will this bidding zone also be selectable on the platform in the future or is it dispensable?

"BZN|CZ+DE+SK - BZN|PL" does not denote a bidding zone, but a technical profile between CZ, DE, SK on the one hand and PL on the other. The NTCs are reported on this technical profile by PSE.

In general, all country codes associated with the plus sign represent a technical profile and not a bidding zone.  Germany was in the bidding zone: BZN|DE-AT-LU until 30.09.2018. Since the bidding zone split on 01.10.2018, Germany has been in the BZN|DE-LU bidding zone.

4. Scheduled Consumption

In the "Generation Forecast - Day Ahead" section, the TSOs have entered generation data under "Control Area". The "Scheduled Consumption" column shows "N/A" or "0". Will this column also be displayed and filled with data in the future?

Germany reports a forecast of net feed-in in the Scheduled Generation column in accordance with the ENTSO-E's implementing provisions (DDDs). The Scheduled Consumption time series is not relevant for reports from Germany. Therefore, only empty fields are displayed.

5. Large consumers

Why are only a few consumer units currently reporting in Germany?

Primary owners of data are legally obliged to comply with their reporting obligations.  The German transmission system operators and ENTSO-E provide the reporting channels for this, but cannot influence the fulfillment of the reporting obligations.

6. Display from N/A

The generation of individual systems is marked with "N/A" in some hours. Is this really 'not available' or is the generation "0"?

Technically, the ENTSO-E transparency platform is configured in such a way that only expected but not reported data is marked with "N/A".

7. Solar and wind feed-in forecasts

Why are there sometimes different values on the websites of the TSOs and the ENTSO-E transparency platform?  

The data published on the websites of the four transmission system operators not only comply with the requirements of the EU Transparency Regulation EU Regulation 543/2013, but also with national requirements, for example. Accordingly, there may be deviations.