UFLA Reporting / Monitoring

In accordance with European Regulation 2017/2196 "Network Codes on Electricity Emergency and Restoration", we would like to inform you about the national implementation of VDE-AR-N 4142 "Automatic final measures". Among other things, this contains mandatory adjustments to underfrequency-dependent load shedding (UFLA).


If large deviations occur in the frequency of the electricity grid, it is stabilized in an emergency by selectively switching off ("shedding") consumers. The ten-stage underfrequency-dependent load shedding (UFLA) replaces the previous five-stage automatic frequency offsetting (AFE).

The four responsible German transmission system operators (TSOs) regularly post current documents on the subject of UFLA here.

The four TSOs request that this information be forwarded accordingly in the event of the involvement of subordinate distribution system operators.