Catalog of measures Network reconstruction plan

Consultation of the supplement to the catalog of measures for network reconstruction

Based on the original catalog of measures, the first addition to the catalog of measures for the network restoration plan defines new requirements for all network operators actively involved in network restoration. The measures described here serve to structure future communication between grid operators. They also form the basis of the further developed grid restoration plans, which accelerate grid and supply restoration and give DSOs more room for maneuver. The measures listed in the catalog serve in particular to make the process of grid and supply reconstruction future-proof and robust in the context of the energy transition and the coal phase-out. Implementation deadlines are also specified by which the measures described must be implemented.

The TSOs point out that the catalog of measures does not describe the specific technical design and implementation of the measures. This is the responsibility of each person responsible for implementation. If there are interfaces with other partners, the definitions of the interfaces must be worked out jointly after the catalog of measures comes into force.

The bearing of costs and the recognition of costs are not a regulatory component of the catalog of measures. It only describes the technical and organizational requirements.

The consultation will take place in the period from 07.11.2023, 12:00 noon to 05.12.2023, 12:00 noon. Consultation feedback can only be submitted via the form template. For queries during the consultation process and about the procedure itself, please use the following email address

Attached documents:

Ergänzung zum Maßnahmenkatalog.pdf (in German)

On December 18, 2017, the "Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/2196 of November 24, 2017 establishing a Network Code on Network Emergency and Restoration of the Transmission System" (hereinafter referred to as Network Code Emergency and Restoration, or NC ER) entered into force.

Against this backdrop, the German transmission system operators (TSOs) were obliged to consult all affected stakeholders on a list of measures for the network restoration plan in accordance with NC ER Article 23 Paragraph 4 b) and c). This catalog of measures - taking into account the consultation feedback - must ultimately be approved by the competent regulatory authority in accordance with Article 4 (2) NC ER.

In recent years, there have been changes to the framework conditions that have made it necessary to reassess the overall situation. For this reason, the four German transmission system operators have decided, after consultation with the Federal Network Agency, to draw up a new catalog of measures for the grid restoration plan and to include the requirements in it.

Determination by the Federal Network Agency - AZ 622-22-008

On 23.11.2022, the list of measures submitted by the TSOs to the Federal Network Agency for the grid restoration plan was approved with regard to the regulations for SNN (significant grid users). A large amount of feedback from SNNs and DSOs (distribution system operators) was taken into account in the process. The task now is to implement the measures contained in the plan and to meet the deadlines set for the SNN in relation to the date of approval.

However, the measures for DSOs and TSOs are not subject to approval by the Federal Network Agency. The TSOs are responsible for defining all necessary measures and consulting with the stakeholders concerned when updating and adapting their grid restoration plans.

This has been done via the process of creating the catalog of measures for the grid restoration plan. The TSOs will therefore request the DSOs directly downstream of them to implement the measures in accordance with the defined implementation deadlines (start date 01.01.2023). The catalog of measures will therefore also become an annex to the respective grid restoration concepts of the TSOs. The DSOs are also requested to ask their downstream DSOs that are affected by the provisions of the catalog of measures to implement the measures that affect them.

The approval of the catalog of measures and the associated decision of the Federal Network Agency with the file number AZ 622-22-008 can be viewed under EU approval procedures (as of 12.12.2022) under "Completed procedures". You can also download the catalog of measures here:

12.12.2022  Anlage 1 – Maßnahmenkatalog (in German)

Finally, the TSOs would like to point out that a list of the Network Statement was submitted with this submission, which refers to the threshold definitions of resolution BK6-16-166. Due to the immense scope and the short-lived nature of the continuous changes, it is not feasible to compile an exhaustive list of all the SNNs.

Procedure of the consultation

At the start of the consultation process, the TSOs published the proposal for the list of measures to be consulted on the grid restoration plan on this website and made it available for consultation in the period from 15.06.2021 12:00 noon to 15.07.2021 12:00 noon.

All comments received in this way were evaluated by the TSOs, incorporated or, in the event of rejection, justified. All documents were then submitted to the Federal Network Agency for approval, which in turn carried out its own consultations.