TSO implementation concept pursuant to Section 13k (6) EnWG

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In accordance with Section 13k (6) EnWG "Use instead of curtail", the transmission system operators (TSOs) are obliged to develop an implementation concept by April 1, 2024. This concept should define the essential framework conditions for this instrument.

With the involvement of the relevant stakeholders, the TSOs developed the implementation concept in the due time and submitted it to the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) for review in accordance with Section 13k (7) EnWG. The review has been completed by the BNetzA with the result that the submitted implementation concept for the trial phase is suitable in its specific design to effectively reduce the curtailment of electricity from installations in accordance with Section 3 no. 1 of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act and does not impair grid and system security. There are no substantive objections.

The implementation concept focuses on the trial phase (from 01.10.2024 to 30.09.2026 in accordance with Section 13k (1) EnWG). Possible further regulatory items that extend beyond this period are subject to evaluation and further adjustments based on the experience gained during the trial phase.

The implementation concept has been created with the best possible involvement and participation of the relevant stakeholders. When drawing up the concept, the TSOs did not rely on the minimum requirements of Section 13k EnWG, but actively approached the industry in order to obtain relevant perspectives on the topic. These were incorporated into the creation of the implementation concept in order to create the best possible framework for successful implementation.

In addition, the TSOs commissioned Frontier Economics Ltd. to review their proposed remuneration framework in an expert evaluation. Frontier Economics Ltd. came to the conclusion that the concept presented is in line with the objectives of Section 13k EnWG and that economic and energy industry aspects are adequately taken into account.

In order to offer potential participants the opportunity to evaluate their business case for participation, a template is available for download below. The template can be used to independently determine the individual SNK compensation described in the remuneration framework of the TSO implementation concept.

Please note that this template only serves as an aid and is therefore provided without obligation or guarantee. Binding financial parameters for the first period (01/10/2024 - 31/12/2024) will not be published until 01/08/2024.


The TSO implementation concept and the report by Frontier Economics Ltd. are available to all interested parties as a PDF download:

If you have any further questions, suggestions or feedback, please contact us using the contact form and select the topic "Use instead of curtail".