Schedule for processing the § 19 StromNEV levy

All key points relating to forecasting, payment processing during the year and the auditing of the year-end statement in accordance with Section 19 (2) of the Energy Grid Fees Ordinance (StromNEV) follow a fixed schedule within the year:


  • 31.08. t-12: Forecast end consumer sales (LVA) from DSO to TSO
  • 15.10. t-11: Forecast of lost revenues from DSO to TSO
  • 25.10. t-12: Publication of the levy for t by TSOs

Payment processing during the year:

Monthly in t on the 15th calendar day of the following month2:

  • Settlement 1/12 of the forecast of lost revenue
  • Settlement of the levy on 1/12 of the forecast LVA

Audit of the year-end financial statements:

  • 31.07. t+12: Electronic data report to TSO and testing of lost revenues and LVA by DSO  
  • 30.11. t+12: Annual settlement (actual reconciliation) of levy by TSO to DSO  
  • 30.06. t+22: Completion of the payments for the annual settlement of the levy and the annual settlement of the lost revenue from t

1 Dates according to BDEW guidelines on the Section 19 (2) StromNEV levy mechanism

2 Dates according to §§ 26 in conjunction with 26 a, b and 28 KWKG 2016 of December 21, 2015 (BGBl. I p. 2498), which was amended by Article 14 of the Act of August 29, 2016 (BGBl. I p. 2034).

Guide to processing

Further information can be found in the BDEW practical guide to the levy mechanism of the Section 19 (2) StromNEV levy.