KWKG levy 2023

In accordance with Sections 26a and 26b of the KWKG, the German transmission system operators are obliged to transparently determine the KWKG levy for the following calendar year and publish it by October 25 of the calendar year. The annual accounts for the previous calendar years are taken into account accordingly when determining the KWKG levy.

KWKG levy from January 1, 2023

Based on the forecast values reported by the subordinate grid operators and the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA), the expected charges under the current KWKG (KWKG 2020) were identified and the KWKG levy applicable to final consumption throughout Germany was determined and published.

Based on the forecast data available from the TSOs in mid-October 2022 on the expected amount of eligible KWKG electricity volumes for 2023 and the amount of the total expected subsidy volume, a KWKG levy of around 0.398 ct/kWh results for 2023 as a surcharge on the grid fees for all non-privileged final consumption.

The 2021 KWKG annual statement based on available WP certificates results in an amount of EUR 144,875,459.93 to be made up, which leads to an additional levy of around -0.041 ct/kWh for all non-privileged final consumption.

A summary of the above data results in a rounded KWKG levy of 0.357 ct/kWh on non-privileged final consumption from 01.01.2023.

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Further information on the calculation of the KWKG levy can be found in the attached set of slides:25.10.2022Calculation of the KWKG levy (Sections 26 and 26a KWKG 2020) in 2023 as a levy on grid fees